Thursday, November 10, 2011

Animal Control in Bergen County, NJ

With winter fast approaching, wild animals will be looking for warm places to nest for the winter.  One such possible place is your home.  For this reason, New Day Pest Control stands ready to provide professional animal control in Bergen County, NJ.  Whether it is an invasion of raccoons, opossums, snakes, or skunks, we can quickly and easily determine the source of your problem and provide the necessary animal removal service in Bergen County, NJ.

It is better to remove these animals from your property as soon as possible due to the fact that they may be dangerous.  Some may carry animal-borne diseases like rabies or are naturally aggressive.  Certain snakes in NJ carry a poisonous bite that may cause serious harm or even be fatal.  New Day Pest Control have the right professionals and expertise necessary to remove animals from your home and keep they away.

For a free animal removal quote in Bergen County, NJ or for more information on our animal control services in Bergen County, NJ, call New Day Pest Control at 201-972-5592.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bergen County Rodent Control

With the fall approaching many of us in Bergen County and nearby areas are worried that the warmth of our homes will attract rodents. Mice, rats and other rodents can pose hazards to our home and health. If you're looking for help with rodent control in Bergen County, you're doing the right thing. Not only are rodents unsanitary creatures, but they are also damaging when they gnaw on furniture and even electrical wires and boxes. Many rodents such as rats can be noticed in your home by their smell and droppings. They also leave their urine as a trail to find their way back in the dark which poses health risks to you and your family. Bergen County rodent control is important because rodents will find any place in your home to live and can remain hidden from you in drains, garages, kitchens and any open voids where they can access both food and water. In Bergen County, rodent control specialists such as the environmentally conscious New Day Pest Control work hard to effectively remove rodents from homes. Rodents have developed immunities from typical pest control methods due to years of exposure. Hiring a professional that keeps up with current pest control methods will be the best way to make sure that the rodents in your home are effectively removed. Since rodent control in Bergen County is important to the safety of your home and family, professionals such as the ones at New Day Pest Control should be called in to help.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Squirrel, Raccoon and Critter Control in Morris and Bergen County

When little animals like squirrels and raccoon invade your attic, overrun your yard and go through your trash, the smartest thing to do is call a professional as soon as the problem is realized.  Bergen County raccoon control problems are all too common.  Never approach a wild animal yourself.  Animals can carry bacteria and diseases, like rabies.  Wild animals can harm people, pets and destroy parts of your home.  Call a Morris County animal control specialist at the first signs of invasion.

When squirrels invade an attic or elsewhere indoors, the invasion can quickly become a major problem.  Like people, squirrels create a home.  Wanting to stay put, squirrels will travel to forage food and collect it in their new home.  They settle into your attic or unoccupied spaces and grow their family.  Often, traditional methods of trapping are ineffective.  Squirrel removal experts in Bergen County know, by removing one squirrel, you're making room for a new family of critters to take their place.  The professionals at New Day Pest Control in North NJ have humane resources to block an invading animal's access to a food source.  When it isn't possible to remove a squirrel's food source, such as in the case of bird feeder thieves or fruit tree infestations, professionals implement a method of repellent around the space.  The Morris County squirrel control specialists at New Day Pest Control provide year-round service with monthly and annual contract services to ensure the problem is fully eliminated.  Outdoor pest solutions in North NJ come with a competitive price, friendly service and eco-friendly methods that are safe for your family, pets and lawn.


As messy as a raccoon problem can be, raccoon like to maintain order.  Raccoon make a place to use the bathroom, and by eliminating their latrine, raccoon will seek out a new home.  Although it sounds like a simple solution, calling a professional raccoon removal service in NJ will fully assess the infestation.  In your garbage, on your deck, raccoon like to dig up lawns and raid outdoor garbage bins.  These are difficult food sources to remove.  A raccoon removal professional in Morris County would have the solution.  Repellents and other harmless methods that will turn the raccoon away from your garbage will help.  Never attempt to poison home invading critters.  Raccoon know how to get into confined spaces like your attic, chimney and wall spaces.  A dead or dying raccoon will create foul odors that can add to the frustration of an animal invasion.  Call a specialist, like the ones at New Day Pest Control in NJ.  You can rest assured, the pest evaluation will be free, they will provide continued service until the problem is completely eliminated and neither the pests nor your family will be harmed by their methods.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bergen County Pest Control

Bed bug infestations?  Rodents picking through the trash?  New Day Pest Control offer bed bug solutions in NJ.  Dedicated to providing results through environmentally conscious treatment methods and excellent customer service, New Day Pest Control solves rodent infestations in NJ, cockroach infestations in Bergen County, and offers other pest control services in NJ.

Pest control service in Hudson County, Essex County and Passaic County are also available.  Using the services of New Day Pest Controls clients need not worry about pest problems reoccurring.  New Day's dedication to client satisfaction means every customer is valued and kept up to date after initial services.

For bed bug exterminators in Bergen County, NJ who will inspect the treated areas after servicing, look no further than New Day Pest Control.  The professionals at New Day are Bergen County, NJ cockroach exterminators with experience and an eco-friendly exterminating method.

A pest invading the home is stressful, but New Day Pest Control has the technology to provide animal control services in Bergen County, NJ and the courtesy to offer quarterly and monthly repeat services.  From the largest ant control services to other pest control services in NJ, New Day Pest Control offers a competitive price.

New Day Pest Control experts use safe, 
effective and humane pesticides 
that won't harm your family or pets

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Day Pest Control

Pest control Bergen County is provided by New Day Pest Control.  We also serve Passaic, Essex, and Hudson counties in NJ.  We're large enough to handle any pest control needs but we also value and respect each of our customers.  We constantly check back with our customers and offer quarterly and monthly services.

New Day Pest Control uses green pest control technologies and is safe for both pets and children.

Contact us now to get a free quote now and SAVE 10% OFF any pest service!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bee Services

Despite the benefits that bees bring to the environment, once these insects infest your home, it requires an expert to control the problem and prevent it from happening again.
  • Bee stings are very painful.
  • Bee stings can be deadly to those with allergies.
  • Bees are difficult to catch and control.
Due to the many dangers of a bee infestation, bees should always be exterminated by a professional. The experts at New Day Pest Control can control your bee infestation in a safe and efficient manner so you will no longer have to worry about these pests again. We can take care of your problem for good.

For a FREE EVALUATION, or for any emergencies, call New Day Pest Control at 201-972-5592. Call today and SAVE 10% OFF any pest service!

Ant Services

Despite any efforts to prevent ant infestation in your home, these particular insects can often be one of the peskiest of critters to control. No matter how clean your home, ants will find a way in searching for food. These bugs then create colonies anywhere they can! Some home remedies can even make matters worse; when in comes to ant infestation, it is key to hire a professional.

New Day Pest Control will provide the professional expertise needed to locate the source of your ant problem, and offer a solution that will take care of the problem for good.
For a FREE EVALUATION, or for any emergencies, call New Day Pest Control at 201-972-5592. Call today and SAVE 10% OFF any pest service!